Sound Engineer, Music Producer, Educator

Allie McSwain

is a producer, sound engineer, and percussionist. She is the founder/owner at McSwain Music, a music production company; who’s mission statement is to “Create art that inspires, motivates, and empowers”. In 2019, She was a sound engineer for the film “ A Happy Smile” which won the best picture at  Jacksonville University’s Phin Film Festival and is currently a semifinalist at the Indie Short Fest – LA International Film Festival. In 2020, She released her first single “Home” which has been described as “a simple marimba solo that turns into a beautiful masterpiece”.


Educational Videos

A Happy Smile – Short Film (2019-2020)

Best Picture at Jacksonville University’s Film Fest 
Best of Florida – Central Florida Short Night
 Semifinalist – Indie Short Fest -LA International Film Festival 

Nominated for Best Statement at Rendezous Film Festival